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Rigid polyurethane foams and Composite materials production – Home

Leading brand BComp is engaged in the production of composite materials and rigid polyurethane foams for the Italian and international markets. Find out which BFoam best suits your needs from our wide range of foams. Whatever the project, we have the right product for you.

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There is no project BFoam cannot shape. We imagined the outstanding machinability of our rigid polyurethane foam especially for your... Read More


Here, you will find the perfect foams for VisCom. Because we “see” your needs. BFoam rigid polyurethane foam’s extraordinary versatility... Read More


With our foams for transportation, we are by your side even when circumstances get extreme. Thanks to their excellent reaction... Read More


Opening your home to our foams means opening your home to innovation. BFoam polymeric structural foam is the innovative, better performing... Read More

Alternative Energy

Everyone agrees, when it comes to our rigid foams. Even resistance and lightness. BComp knows very well that wind energy... Read More

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TF Series

Choose our easy-to-work rigid polyurethane foam to save time (and money). We want to make your life easier. This is... Read More

CR Series

Rigid foams that can control temperature. Whatever temperature you want. What makes panels from CR series extraordinary? Their very low coefficient of thermal... Read More

AF Series

Foams with the balance between resistance and lightness you’ve been looking for (and thought impossible to find). BFoam panels from AF... Read More

FR Series

BComp rigid polyurethane foam: the best, certified by the best. To be used as composite panel core in all sectors... Read More

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