Alternative Energy

Poliuretano espanso per energia alternativa

Everyone agrees, when it comes to our rigid foams. Even resistance and lightness.

BComp knows very well that wind energy plays an important role in the world energy scenario, which makes it a huge opportunity for your business. BFoam polymeric structural foam is widely used as light and resistant composite sandwich core material, for many applications in the wind energy field but also in industries like marine, aerospace and telecommunication: blades, surfboards, skies, satellite dishes.

Find out more about the many uses of BFoam.

BComp polymeric structural foams are really versatile. If your field of application is alternative energy, use them, for example, to produce:

  • Parts for the wind energy sector
  • Parts for the shipping and marine sector
  • Satellite dishes, radomes
  • Surfboards, skiies

We have the product you need.

Make your alternative energy project concrete with our polymeric structural foams from:

AF Series

Polyurethane foams with the balance between resistance and lightness you’ve been looking for (and thought impossible to find). BFoam polyurethane…