Yes, we’re back!

Nobody expected this general lockdown and it hit everybody a little bit, both companies and people.
It allowed everyone to stop and think about what is important, economically, socially, emotionally.
During this difficult phase, we tried to guarantee an essential service, but now we are back at full capacity to support our customers’ needs and, why not, also exchange some experiences of “social isolation”.
Never before, in our opinion, is it important to invest in the domestic system Italy and for this reason, we ask the same to all our contacts.

All BCOMP products are 100% Made in Italy and we are very proud of them.
Invest Italian too!

The BFoam rigid structural foam of the TF series are usually used for the construction of models, style prototypes, mock-ups, industrial moulds, signs, sculptures and sets, furnishing elements and much more. They lend themselves to be used both in civil and industrial sectors and represent the best compromise between versatility, lightness, mechanical characteristics, easy workability and low costs.
We remind you that BCOMP is a brand of Belotti Nordest, a company of the Belotti group and, therefore, can also be the reference point for the supply, assistance and maintenance of 3 and 5 axis CNC machining centers for milling, but also for water jet cutting. All our machining centers are also boast the 100% Made in Italy brand.
Contact us for our support, we will be proud to contribute to make the Italian economy flourish again.

May 6, 2020