AF Series

poliuretano espanso rigido serie af

Foams with the balance between resistance and lightness you’ve been looking for (and thought impossible to find).

BFoam panels from AF series, used as a composite panel core, are the perfect choice for all applications requiring light and tenacious materials. Thanks to its particular closed-cell structure, our polymeric structural foam is proudly resistant – not only to compression but also to shear, bending, fatigue, shock and degradation – in relation to density.

We have solid testimonies to convince you.

Compared to materials like PVC and Balsa, BComp foam from AF series is not subject to any secondary reaction, outgassing, or other phenomena that can cause any alterations to the product over time. Also, it has a wider service temperature range and a lower value of absorption.

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Foams from AF series are the perfect product for your project in:

Alternative energy

Everyone agrees, when it comes to our rigid foams. Even resistance and lightness. BComp knows very well that wind energy…