TF12N for your foundry and style models, molds, template and control gauges

The structural rigid foams of density 1200Kg/m³, model TF12N, are boards of excellent workability and finish.

Usually used mainly for the production of foundry models, core boxes, control gauges and templates. TF12N is also used for design patterns.

The boards are characterized by high resistance to deformation, pressure and abrasion, as well as having a low coefficient of expansion, which makes this polyurethane-based composite material widely used for its reliability.

Structural bonding adhesives are also available for these milling boards.

Promotional stocks are also sometimes offered at very attractive prices.

Closure April 2-5, 2021

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PU boards processing

PU processing techniques can be very diverse.

However, polyurethane-based structural rigid foam is most commonly used in processing with CNC machining centers.

Depending on the density and the purpose of the product to be made, very different objects can be obtained, even in terms of size, as well as the main function.

The cases proposed here, for example, represent prototypes, models or even moulds for the most diverse product sectors.

The most widespread use of BFoam series foams is certainly in the automotive, nautical, aerospace, construction, sports and leisure, visual communication, etc. sectors.

Find out which is the right foam for your project.

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Lords of Carbon is a documentary born for the 40th anniversary of Belotti.

Online on the Youtube channel of Davide Cironi, the young producer that has allowed such a great result.

The film was made with the aim of retracing the history and trends of composite technologies and, in particular, carbon fiber in the field of sports cars and supercars.

An immersion between strong, genuine passion and technical expertise, narrated in first person by the “Lords” of the sector, the most important protagonists who have lived and shaped the sector, introducing and applying composite materials for the first time or in innovative ways.

Witnesses that reveal how much dedication there is behind the work of every day, felt by those who have lived through that period of technological revolution, that create a strong emotion and remain indelibly imprinted.

Belotti has a strong connection with the dynamics of the automotive sector too, thanks to the precision and accuracy of the CNC machining centers produced, which work together every day to make this magic possible and perpetuate itself.

Composite materials and their application as a vanguard in a sector in continuous evolution. BCOMP is the brand that can well assist also the world of motor sport.

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Epoxy boards – adhesives – repairing paste

BFoam TF70V epoxy boards are mainly designed to fill the need to build master models for the automotive sector, for high temperature vacuum thermoforming, composite and prepreg moulds, autoclave moulds for prepregs, lay-up equipment for epoxy prepregs and much more.

The new and improved formulation makes these boards highly appreciated for the dimensional stability and for having a compact and smooth finish, which makes the transformation process better and easier.

Advantageous in the processing of carbon fiber laminates and usable in autoclave too.

Discover also our range of accessories for a more complete customer-oriented service. The line of adhesives, for example, is available in different colors and particularly suggested for structural gluing, even if vertical. Finally, the range is completed by the epoxy filler for small repairs that may be necessary.

Discover the advantages of using TF70V.

AF60: the right insulation for your building renovation

AF60: with this insulation it has never been so easy to renovate!

The choice of the BCOMP brand to supply AF60, poliurethane based rigid foam particularly suitable for floor, wall and ceiling insulation .

Thanks to the more compact thicknesses, such as 8mm, the panels are very easy to lay and allow real insulation to be obtained even where there is little space.

In less than 1.5cm, for example, you can insulate, heat and lay new flooring… even on top of the existing one.

It combines perfectly with electric heaters and hydronic radiant heaters, it is not affected by humidity and is characterized by remarkable mechanical resistance and strong insulation properties.

Contact us for more information and advice on the solution best suited to your needs.

Now is the time to renovate!


Yes, we’re back!

Nobody expected this general lockdown and it hit everybody a little bit, both companies and people.
It allowed everyone to stop and think about what is important, economically, socially, emotionally.
During this difficult phase, we tried to guarantee an essential service, but now we are back at full capacity to support our customers’ needs and, why not, also exchange some experiences of “social isolation”.
Never before, in our opinion, is it important to invest in the domestic system Italy and for this reason, we ask the same to all our contacts.

All BCOMP products are 100% Made in Italy and we are very proud of them.
Invest Italian too!

The BFoam rigid structural foam of the TF series are usually used for the construction of models, style prototypes, mock-ups, industrial moulds, signs, sculptures and sets, furnishing elements and much more. They lend themselves to be used both in civil and industrial sectors and represent the best compromise between versatility, lightness, mechanical characteristics, easy workability and low costs.
We remind you that BCOMP is a brand of Belotti Nordest, a company of the Belotti group and, therefore, can also be the reference point for the supply, assistance and maintenance of 3 and 5 axis CNC machining centers for milling, but also for water jet cutting. All our machining centers are also boast the 100% Made in Italy brand.
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