Lords of Carbon is a documentary born for the 40th anniversary of Belotti.

Online on the Youtube channel of Davide Cironi, the young producer that has allowed such a great result.

The film was made with the aim of retracing the history and trends of composite technologies and, in particular, carbon fiber in the field of sports cars and supercars.

An immersion between strong, genuine passion and technical expertise, narrated in first person by the “Lords” of the sector, the most important protagonists who have lived and shaped the sector, introducing and applying composite materials for the first time or in innovative ways.

Witnesses that reveal how much dedication there is behind the work of every day, felt by those who have lived through that period of technological revolution, that create a strong emotion and remain indelibly imprinted.

Belotti has a strong connection with the dynamics of the automotive sector too, thanks to the precision and accuracy of the CNC machining centers produced, which work together every day to make this magic possible and perpetuate itself.

Composite materials and their application as a vanguard in a sector in continuous evolution. BCOMP is the brand that can well assist also the world of motor sport.

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November 24, 2020

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